5am Writer’s Club Challenge

July 21, 2020 admin 0Comment

Today was Day One of my 5am Writer's Club Challenge. Which meant that today, I promised myself I would:

  • Wake up at 5AM, starting on Tuesday July 21st, 2020.
  • Write for one hour.
  • Focus only on those creative passion projects you're always putting off. No marketing writing, no writing for social media, only work on a story that means something to you.
  • After your hour is up, write a quick blurb describing today's writing session.
  • Do this daily until July 28th.

So how did that turn out? Well, here are my notes:

4:45 - I wake up with my alarm, only moderately ready to go.

4:46 - I decide I have time to watch one quick video on my phone.

5:15 - I realize that it is now way past 5:00, but that it's still part of the 5:00 hour, so I should still TECHNICALLY be good, right?

5:16 - Realize that even if I'm going to make those kinds of excuses, I really should get started.

5:20 - Get to my office and set everything set up.

5:28 - Realize that I'm still thinking about watching one more video and I haven't opened up any of my writing programs.

5:29 - Turn off my phone and finally open up a document.

5:32 - Realize that I just typed the words "and so..." two minutes ago, and ever since then I've been going nothing but stare at the document.

5:40 - Realized that this is stupid and boring and I hate this and I don't have anything to write about…

5:42 - Oh, wait…

5:45 - I'm now writing up a storm!

6:10 - Still writing

6:11 - Hit a good stopping point, only to realize that I've still got 19 minutes of writing left to go.

6:12 - Find myself saying things like "Ugh." and "This is going to take FOREVER."

6:13 - Decide to just try and flesh out this one little bit.

6:31 - Realize I've been done for a minute

One day down, six more to go. See everyone tomorrow!

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