Where to check out the Livestream Challenge.

September 28, 2020 admin 0Comment

So trying to decide where to host a month-long writing challenge has been... challenging.

I kept going back and forth about hosting it on Twitch or Instagram or something else, before I realized that getting my followers' opinions would be far more valuable.

So I ran a short poll on Twitter, but ended up coming up as a tie.

I ran another poll on my Instagram Stories and got zero responses.

Which might have been disheartening, if it wasn't the first Instagram poll I had ever done, and I didn't really understand what I was doing.

(I ended up posting a screenshot to my feed, that's how messed up things got.)

Then I ran another poll on twitter. I made sure it would last multiple days, and would tie into my efforts to find new writer friends during #writerslift and #ShamelessSelfpromotionSaturday

And with that, I've got my platform.

I'm going to do a test run this Tuesday, and we'll start the challenge proper on Wednesday, October 1st.

And just in case people are simply skimming to see when this all is taking place:

Check out my 30 Day Livestream Writing Challenge by going to @LeighWillWriteThat on Instagram

Can't get up at 5:00am to watch someone pitching a fit at their computer? Episode links will be posted on this blog.

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