The Stephen King Writing Challenge – Day Three

August 15, 2020 admin 0Comment

If you've been reading along with the previous installments of the challenge, you'll know that the first two days were tough.

But I was sure that once I got into the swing of things, I'd start having fun.

As you'll see in a minute, I was absolutely, utterly, wrong.

4:50am - I'm up! I'm… early? This is great! I'll finally be able to get started on time.

4:51 - I mean I could watch one YouTube video…

5:30 - Why do I do this to myself?

5:33 - Well, I'm awake and ready to work now. I think I'll work on that story of the young girl who can talk to plants and the adopted parents who are trying to protect her.

5:58 - Only 568 words? Come on.

6:23 - 775? I'm starting to think this wasn't a good choice for today's challenge.

6:48 - 1277! Finally getting somewhere!

7:01 - I'm running out of time, and am unsure if I'm using the term 'ombudsman' correctly…

7:03 - I'm on a roll… 1731 words… so close!

7:16 - Did I go over? I did! Time to get ready.

8:30 - Out of the house for the day.

3:50 - I made it home in record time to be part of the Dublin Creative Writer's Collective Live Stream. I just need to take a shower and grab a sandwich before I get online. Let me just start this load of laundry with all of my working-in-the-yard clothes first!

4:15 - Wait, what's wrong with my computer's power cord?

4:20 - Why isn't my audio working?

4:25 - This is just like my last Writer's Group Zoom Meeting! I thought I got this fixed!

4:40 - At least they're able to talk with me via chat.

5:10 - This is great! Plus, I got some fantastic advice for breaking up the writer's block that has infested my first fantasy novel.

5:40 - Done! Now I can get some actual dinner.

6:30 - Wait. Did I do my 30 minutes of physical activity today?

6:31 - No. No I did not.

6:32 - All my working-in-the-yard clothes are in the washer. And while there’s still some sunlight left, the neighbors are letting their unmasked kids run all over their yard.

6:35 - Do I have time to suit up in anti-COVID-19 clothes, work for a half hour, then completely scrub myself down again? Maybe. If I get the clothes in the dryer now. But I know I won't have the energy to read a book after I'm done.

6:40 - Ugh. On top of everything else, the house is a mess. I’ve been devoting so much time and energy into getting this challenge done that I – WAIT A MINUTE, DOING CHORES IS A PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

7:00 – This is genius, I’ll get the main rooms clean, and knock out my physical activity for the day. Two birds, one stone baby!

7:30 – Wow. OK. That’s disappointing. I worked like a woman possessed for 30 minutes straight, and all I accomplished was getting the clothes folded and some of the dishes done. Not even all the dishes, some of them. It could be worse, but still...

7:32 – Well, at least I have something to do tomorrow. Plus, I have plenty of time to get tonight’s reading done.

9:55 – …why do I still get disappointed in myself, even when I know what’s coming?

10:00 – OK, it’s Good News, Bad News time. The good news is that reading a book has started becoming part of my wind-down routine. It feels less like I’m forcing myself to do something and more like I’m doing something I like. But the bad news is that I decided to read an extremely dry grammar book when I knew I would already be tired and distracted.

10:01 - I’ve re-read this sentence twice and I still don’t know what’s going on.

10:20 – Stay open eyes. Five more minutes. You got this. Just stay open.

10:25 – DID IT. Finally. Thank goodness. And with tomorrow being the weekend, it’s the end of the…

10:26 - … no, it’s just the end of the week. It's not the end of the challenge. I still have four more days left.


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