The Stephen King Writing Challenge – Day Six

August 18, 2020 admin 0Comment

Sunday. The penultimate day. The day before the end of the challenge. The day I honestly thought I wouldn't get to earlier in the week.

Now that my schedule is relatively free, I have a chance to get this done early. But will I?

6:00 am - Well, I finally woke up, and I'm already disappointed in myself

6;15 - Clean up the mess in that has engulfed the entire second floor of my house.

7:00 - Vacuum the second floor. Realize that I've been cleaning for an hour and that this totally counts as my physical exercise.

7:15 - Wonder what I forgot to do today, and realize it was eating.

7:30 - Make breakfast. Despair that there's no more cheese for my omelet.

8:00 - Sort through the mess of sewing stuff that has taken over my kitchen table.

8:15 - Fix the hems on my homemade partlet.

9:00 - Realize that with the hems fixed, I can now see that I messed the collar up big time. Bag the project and schedule a time to work on it later.

9:45 - Iron and section all the cotton fabric I'm going to make new masks with. Then, just as I can see the wood of my table again, realize I'm late for a Zoom meeting.

10:00: Attend first Zoom meeting of Shut Up and Write Cleveland, in the hopes of getting some writing done and some networking done at the same time. (Multitasking, baby!)

11:55: Get to about 1600 words, but must leave the meeting early, because there's a client writing issue.

12:00 - Work out client writing issue.

12:30 - Lunch!

1:10 - Realize there is a storm blowing in, and start charging my phone. If the power goes out, it can take up to three hours for them to get it back on. Last time the power went out, I only had 20% battery.

2:00 - OK. Food? Check. 30+ minutes of chores? Check. Writing? Not yet. Blog posts? Nope.

2:30 - Work on blog posts, and get the new ones ready to post on Monday and Tuesday.

3:05 - Blog post edits are done. Hmm. What if I tried to wrap up the word count for today?

3:54 - Nice!

4:00 - This is absolutely the time to celebrate with sweet potato fries and old Brows Held High episodes that no one should watch while eating!

5:46 - Hmmm. What if I just knocked out the reading requirement early too?

5:47 - I mean I still have plenty of time, I just wish there was a book I wanted to read.

5:48 - Maybe check Libby and Hoopla again to see if there's any good eBooks out there...

5:50 - Well this looks promising.

6:20 - Wow. Done? Already? The time really flew by.

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