The Stephen King Writing Challenge – Day Seven

August 19, 2020 admin 0Comment

Holy shit.

Just holy shit.

I have more eloquent thoughts than 'holy shit', of course, but I'm saving them for the wrap-up of the writing challenge tomorrow.

Look, let's just cover the initial details right now...

6:20 - Woke up, for the first time during this challenge, too tired to be disappointed in myself for not waking up at 5:00am. That's new.

6:45 - Finally got to the computer and started trying to get an item or two done on my to-do list, when I realized that the garbage hadn't been collected, or taken out, that we were out of some household supplies that had been detoxing in the garage, and that if laundry didn't get started now, I wouldn't have anything to wear.

6:50 - Decided to knock the 30 minutes of exercise out first thing.

7:25 - Everything finally done, I cleaned myself up and started getting ready.

8:25 - Actually manage to leave the house early for once!

4:00 - Realized I have just enough food in the house to not have anything to eat/easily make when I get home. Went food shopping.

5:10 - Worked with a client about her final draft, and got absolutely excited when we talk about sending out her current manuscript to test readers.

6:20 - Realized I haven't talked to my mother in a while, and video chatted with her. Watched as the conversation quickly dissolved into us showing each other the projects that we're both working on but clearly not completing anytime soon.

7:30 - Finally grab a second sandwich and a cup of tea, while I watch old YouTube videos. It's so nice to finally be able to relax...

8:30 - ... I still have to read for 30 minutes and write 2000 words, don't I?

8:31 - Shit.

9:00 - I'm at my computer, time to start writing. I have a story idea about a girl who is working on an enclosed organic farm in a world that's still going through the pandemic, and she has to start making deliveries.

9:20 - Wow. Getting sleepy.

9:30 - I mean, I have a whole three hours left, maybe if I just took a nap or- NO.

9:35 - Stay open eyes.

9:36 - Eyes, what did I say? We're only at 1236 words!

9:40 - I can't make tea or coffee, it's way too late. Maybe if I just listen to some intense, upbeat music...

9:57 - Yup. That'll do it.

10:00 - OK, I managed to get to about 1700. I'm super close. I just need this character to go on an interesting tangent, and I should be good.

10:05 - Just keep complaining...

10:12 - YES. DONE. DONE.

10:20 - OK, book time. I just need to read this book for 30 minutes. When i'm tired, cranky, and wanted to go to bed an hour ago. Totally doable.


10:37 - Maybe if I brush my teeth while reading, I'll be able to stay focused?

10:42 - Weird. For some reason that worked. But I've still got 15+ minutes left.

10:46 - Yes, leg, I know you're itchy.

10:47 - Yes, leg, I know you're itchy now


10:50 - FINALLY! SLEEP! I can just - actually , this part is pretty interesting, I could read for another 5 minutes or so...

So what did I think about the challenge overall? Find out tomorrow...

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