The Stephen King Writing Challenge – Day One

August 12, 2020 admin 0Comment

Tuesday the 11th was the first day of my Stephen King Writing Challenge.

For seven days I'm challenging myself to:

  • Write 2,000 'fairly clean' words for a creative work each day. (i.e.: Not blog writing or promotional writing.)
  • Work on one creative story/piece at a time. (No hopping between stories - we face our writer's block like men!)
  • Get 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day.
  • Read a book for at least 30 minutes a day.

So how did day one go? Let's find out.


5:05 - Finally got up and sat down at my desk

5:06 - My stomach is apparently just now telling me, 'remember that squash casserole you baked last night? Well I didn't the the squash you used. Or the onions. Or the bread crumbs. And I'm going to make your life hell for the next 30 minutes.'

5:40 - Finally sat back down at my desk.

5:41 - Decided to use my 2,000 word block for the day on a creative client project. Because in this house we multitask.

6:43 - Paused for half a second to do some research on bird watching.

6:44 - Why does the Kirtland's Warbler look so adorably fat and angry?

7:07 - 1629 words. And I've run out of time. Damn.

7:15 - Start getting ready for the rest of my day.

8:30 - Out the door with my stomach still screaming how much it hates me.

4:00 - Finally get back home and decide I'm going to use my 30 minutes of exercise for the day on trimming up some bushes.

4:31 - The bushes are trimmed. Also, I'm covered in sap, I forgot to change out of my work clothes, and I'm pretty sure the grapevines next door have damaged my fence. Did I mention that I hate EVERYTHING?

5:00 - After an extensive cleaning and decontamination process, I decide to get something to eat.

5:30 - I really should get to finishing those last 371 words. In a minute.

5:40 - Another minute.

5:45 - Sure, the client appointment is at 6:30, but I could wait another minute. Right?

5:50 - OK, the computer's up and I definitely need to start working.

6:15 - Booyah!

7:45 - The client meeting is wrapped up, writing is wrapped up, exercise is wrapped up. I just need to read a book for 30 minutes.


9:13 - Decide it's necessary to complain to my BFF over What'sApp about how I've lost my passion for reading.

9:13 - She recommends The Stone Sky.

9:14 - It sounds like a great book, but it's not like it's going to be on Libby or - wait a minute.

9:15 - Got it!

9:20 - Time?

9:30 - Time?

9:40 - Ooo... this is starting to get good.

9:45 - I wonder why our main character was unresponsive, and why his arm turned into - wait, time! TIME!

10:00 - Well, that was a bit tricky to get done, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. On to day two!

10:05 - ... wait, did I forget to put those blog posts up?

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