#PublishPath – Step Three: Create your rough list

March 16, 2020 admin 0Comment

Last week I asked you to take a serious look at your finished story, and determine what type of story it is. This week I’m going to give you my stats:

Genre (If Any) : Literary / Horror

Word Count: 6000

General Audience: Adult Fiction Readers with strong stomachs

General Tone: Unsettling

So now that I know what stats I have, I can bring out the big guns, and start creating a rough list of all the places I want to start submitting the work.

Pictured: The Big Guns

I’m going to be submitting to literary magazines featured in the Writer’s Market 2020, because I think it’s a great resource and has a good support system for someone getting back into the publishing game.

I’ve gone through and earmarked any literary magazines that might be looking for a 6,000 word, unsettling, mostly horror short story. (Hence the festival of post-it notes spewing forth from the pages of the book.)

From this I’ve created a rough list of potential magazines that look like they might be a good fit for my work.

Here’s my rough list.


Antioch Reviewhttp://review.antiochcollege.edu/antioch-review-home

Cloud Rodeohttps://www.cloudrodeojournal.com/

Colorado Reviewhttps://coloradoreview.colostate.edu/


Five Pointshttp://fivepoints.gsu.edu/

Fogged Clarityhttp://foggedclarity.com/

The Fourth Riverhttps://www.thefourthriver.com/

Harvard Review https://www.harvardreview.org/submit/

Hotel Amerikahttp://www.hotelamerika.net/

Hudson Reviewhttps://hudsonreview.com/

Hunger Mountainhttps://hungermtn.org/


The Iowa Reviewhttps://iowareview.org/

The Idaho Reviewhttps://www.idahoreview.org/

The Kenyon Reviewhttps://kenyonreview.org/

The Massachussetts Reviewhttps://www.massreview.org/

The Missouri Reviewhttps://www.missourireview.com/

New England Reviewhttp://www.nereview.com/

The Ninth Letterhttp://www.ninthletter.com/

One Storyhttps://www.one-story.com/

The Paris Reviewhttps://www.theparisreview.org/

The Raghttp://raglitmag.com/

The Saranac Reviewhttp://www.saranacreview.com/


The Strand Magazinehttps://www.strandmag.com/

Tin Househttps://tinhouse.com/

West Branchhttps://westbranch.blogs.bucknell.edu/

Now some of these are a shot in the dark, and some of these are an excellent fit, but I don’t know which ones are which yet. All this list does is give me an idea of what magazines might be a good fit for my work,

To narrow this list down, I’m going to find a way to read at least one month’s worth of published content from each of them. This will give me a better idea of what types of stories they’re accepting now, where they’re headed in the future, and if they might be open to a spooky little story like mine.

I’ll tell you how that worked out in next week’s blog post.