5am Writer’s Club Challenge – Day Four

July 24, 2020 admin 0Comment

I’m up to Day Four in the challenge, and I’m not expecting great things.

Day One was awkward. Day Two saw me trying to trick my brain into being productive. Day Three was a desperate fight to stay awake and keep writing.

Who knows what today will bring.

4:14 – …am I awake?

4:15 – I’m awake! I’m exhausted, but I’m awake.

4:16 – Should I try to sleep in a little bit longer? It sounds dangerous, but I’m still pretty tired and it’s way too early to get started.

4:50 – Did I just take a nap that actually refreshed me?

4:51 – OK it’s time to get up.

4:52 – Wait. Should I do a load of laundry first?

5:00 – I mean, I ran the wash last night, so I should probably toss the wet stuff into the dryer.

5:10 – But I’ve already got stuff in the dryer, and I do need to treat that piece of chiffon I bought for the project with the BLAST IT I NEED TO GET STARTED!

5:15 – OK, the computer’s on. I just need to start typing my… should I brush my teeth first?

5:16 – NO. I am NOT falling for that again! JUST. START. WRITING.

5:50 – … have I’ve been writing this whole time? Once I ignored my dental hygiene for five minutes, I was able to immediately get into the flow? This is amazing! My brain is really cooking today!

5:51 – Oh no. Please tell me I didn’t jinx myself…

5:52 – No, I can get the thread back. I just need to reread this part again…

5:55 – Wait. What was I doing?

5:56 – Blast it, I am not getting writer’s block now. Just keep writing.

5:57 – Huh. Wasn’t there a baby in this story? Technically it should be a toddler, since it’s been about two years since the birth. But I don’t want to go full “What Baby?” on this story. Especially since the kid is supposed to grow up and be someone.

6:14 – OK, the baby is still alive and not being used as a paperweight. I am rocking this writing thing.

6:15 – I did good today. I just need to stop writing.

6:20 – Stop writing.

6:35This is happening again tomorrow and there’s laundry to be done – STOP WRITING.

I’ll see everyone tomorrow for the birthday edition of this writing challenge. See you then!

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