5am Writer’s Club Challenge – Day Five

July 25, 2020 admin 0Comment

It’s my birthday today, and I’m spending the wee hours of the morning writing about an alien virus that’s going to destroy the planet. Which, in all honestly, is exactly what I wanted to be doing today.

Let’s see how today’s 5am Writer’s Club Challenge went!

3:00 – Why am I up this early?

3:05 – I went to bed a little early yesterday, so I’d actually be able to get up on time for once. Is that why my body is waking me up at this insane hour?

3:06 – I’ll just go back to bed.

4:15 – OK, I am now fully awake and it’s too late to try and go back to bed.

4:16 – I’m going to jump over to YouTube. But I am not going to watch dog rescue videos until I’m running late again. And I’m certainly not going to start crying and telling the dogs in the videos that they’re good boys and girls when they clearly can’t hear me.


5:12 – OK, the computer is finally up. Let’s do this.

5:22 – Hmm… the alien virus could be incurable, but how would I convey that to the characters who aren’t in the room and can’t be contacted by cell phone? Or do I want the readers to know that and have the characters be unaware of it so it heightens the tension?

5:52 – Big damn fight time. Wait… could I bring that character back? It would make sense, that character hates the feds and would not only know about all this happening, he would also want to get in there and mess stuff up!

5:54 – I’ve got to stop daydreaming about talking to fans about this plot twist at conventions. Conventions that haven’t happened yet, for a story that I’m still working on.

6:00 – So what do these characters say when they’re on the plane together?

6:05 – But what do they say when they’re on the plane together?

6:10DAMN IT, what do they say when they’re on the plane together?

6:12 – Wait… are they supposed to be on a plane together? They were getting the McGuffin for their contact, and their contact is in the town they just left…

6:13 – Wait! My time’s up! This horrible plot hole isn’t my problem until tomorrow! (Bwahahaha!)

I’ve got a feeling I’ll be hating myself tomorrow for that. See you then.

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