When was your last touch up?

July 6, 2016 admin 0Comment

Nothing can give a writer a heart attack faster than seeing a published typo.

So when I found one – while pulling some info from the site to send to a potential client – I was stopped dead in my tracks.

‘Invested’ doesn’t have two ‘t’s! How long has that been there? Oh no… how many people saw that?

I went through and did a through search of the site. And when I was satisfied that everything was back to normal, I wondered how many other freelancers had unseen typos that may be costing them business.

Whether your site is an ongoing work or a portfolio, you should be updating it regularly. Regular updates help your site list higher on Google, and give your customers a sense of how hard you are working.

But it also helps you catch the little mistakes that can hurt your business. And not just the big ones, like using the wrong your/you’re. You might want to rephrase the way you described a client, or clarify the type of skills your can bring to the table. You might have remembered something else that you did on assignment. Or you might realize that a certain gig that you were proud of back in the day isn’t something you need to be talking about now.

Taking 15 minutes to look over your site can truly be a life saver. Today certainly proved that to me.

So… when was the last time you touched up your website?