Have you backed up your website lately?

June 2, 2016 admin 0Comment
Well, you might want to…

This week has been a bad one for me. Right before a massive small business expo I realized that my website had been hacked and purposefully crashed. I had to pull out of the expo, work with GoDaddy’s admittedly awesome tech support, and rebuild my site.

When you freelance, you’re constantly looking at the clock. How long until the next deadline? When does your client need to project completed?  How much time can you devote to long-term projects?

So having a full week devoted tech support is exhausting. It feels like I flew from Cleveland to Chicago and got stuck in a holding pattern that was longer than the flight itself.

So, I’d like to send out a reminder to my fellow freelancers.

If you haven’t changed your administrative passwords in a while, do it today.

If you haven’t installed an extra app on your account to handle security, do it today.

And if your website’s software allows you to create a back up of your site, back it up today.

Your future self will thank you.

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