View these job boards daily, and apply to at least three jobs/gigs that look interesting

Are there any clients looking for you right now? Check:
Tweets From Job Boards
Friends, Family and Work
Facebook groups, Twitter, and Reddit.

Try to do one thing in this list a day:
Cold call / query at least one new potential customer a day.
Pitch to a Job Board Ad
Use Your Website
Guest Post (For Free!)
Network With Other Freelance Writers
Start Warm Pitching
Say You’re For Hire
Visit Local Printing and Design Companies
Pitch Your Story
Ask for a Referral
Try Craigslist
Pitch to Sites That Pay Writers
Use a Content Agency
Use a Freelance Writer Directory

Network on these sites for at least 15 minutes a day to pick up tips, tricks, and connections that you might not be able to find otherwise:

Clean out all of your email addresses, and optimize incoming messages as needed.