Writer • Producer • Gun For Hire

UStoWork, Inc.

UStoWork prides itself on being a new way for companies to find the employees that will be a perfect fit. And working for UStoWork was just as revolutionary as you'd expect.

Once I was hired on as an 'Associate', I found myself wearing many hats. First I was put to work as an instructor for Medina's Jobs for Ohio's Graduates program, a county-wide initiative to get people back to work after a long absence from the work force. I wrote 18 different presentations independently, and presented them with the aid of the experienced staff.

After my work with the facility was complete, I began using my writing skills to help UStoWork clients. I create a workforce presentation with company president Carol Howlett, and updating the content and templates on the UStoWork website. I also wrote copy and provided website rebuilds for UStoWork clients, like Women of Hope.

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